Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Here we go.... 2017

Just a post summing up events over the past few weeks. Been a while since I updated this old blog, but might still be the best way to keep in touch and updated with what is going on in our neck of the Kingdom. We still have so many memorable moments from our trip over last September/October.  It was a good and needed time to rekindle the relationships we have with many churches and families in America.  We covered a huge amount of ground while visiting and know God balanced the scales while we were giving encouragement we were also being encouraged! Thank you to all the churches and families we visited, who faithfully ensure that we are provided for - we are truly appreciative! We also made sure the balance of visiting wasn't to overwhelming for Holly and Hannah and finished the trip with a six day time at Disney and Universal :)
Since returning home our main focus has been developing a healthy and solid environment or our young adults and young Christians. We have begun meeting on Friday nights in homes with a focus on rowth and study.  The early signs are hugely encouraging and give us hope that this will go some way in nurturing this young group. We have around 20/25 of us who are meeting together. Fenella is leading the girls discussion class and I am leading the boys.  It is clear that the group wanted this because there is a real appetite for learning and discovering during the focused time. Over time we hope the bonds that are being formed in this setting will spill over and benefit the church as a whole. I have to mention the Spirit that is evident when we meet on Fridays. There are times in ministry when you just know that something is right and is leading to a closer walk with God - this class is hitting the spot!  I have to mention my joy in witnessing Fenella's lead with this. With the pressure of a full time responsible occupation, I watch Fenella study and prepare for Friday night and it makes me smile all over! Ok, I could talk on and on about Friday nights, but need to move on... At this point I want to move on to our latest babe in Christ - Alec Watson.  It is natural to move from Friday night to Alec's conversion because they are intimately linked.  Alec is 21 and has been part of my life for at least 10 years. I got to know Alec when I worked with his school and then when he left school he showed an interest in coming to classes. Over the past 4 years Alec has been slowly but surely building a foundation in his life based on his Faith in God. The Friday nights have enabled Alec to flourish and he now knows the support and guidance that is found among Gods people. At the beginning of last week I got a lengthy text from Alec explaining why he was ready to commit to life as a Christian and how he was ready to leave his old life.  We spent time talking, studying and praying about what was being formed in him. On Friday night we got to share in the glory and joy of his being baptised into our saviours life. Now his journey begins alongside his new found band of pilgrims who are anticipating so much more! By Gods grace and power, I am still privillaged to minister within the schools and the high school.  Again, it is funny how everything is intertwined. I think about Alec and his soul that has now been found and I think about the door of opportunity God opened all those years ago, to be able to minister and influence in his school. Probably around 50% of my time is spent in various schools involved in different activities. Sometimes I might be standing in front of 3-400 and other times sitting across a table from one. Over the years God has crafted an amazing outreach that continues to be an avenue for blessing, in a time when Gods blessings are seldom acknowledged. A little update on our classes.  On Monday nights we have a great bunch of children! We have around 15/20 coming and they are now an established group. I know this by the way they now engage during the Class. There is an air of comfortable knowing between the kids, CJ, myself and the parents. This is a relatively new group that have formed over the last 2 years or so. Already we can see that there is a strong core group and the potential for this class to benefit them greatly :)   One of my joys about Monday nights, as well as seeing the kids, is being blessed by CJ's service. We have become quite the team and both of us are aware and know the joy of being placed in the company of such precious souls - God is good!  On a little side note, Alec came last night to help out and found that he is a natural with kids :)   Blessing! Looking ahead in 2017.  We are excited to be hosting the Pied Pipers from Harding University in early May and also the Harding Chorus will be with us to hold a concert in late May.  It will be good for us to rekindle the ties we have with Harding, who have been part of our heritage going back some 30+ years.  Dottie Fry will be arriving with the Pipers to take Peterhead Primary schools by storm. We have a full diary of schools signed up and anticipate a week to be remembered :)   The Chorus, led by Dr Cliff Ganus will conclude their European tour here in Peterhead - we are looking forward Quick family update -  All four of our girls are healthy and doing well. Amy continues to thrive at the Royal Academy in London. She is benefiting from some of the best vocal coaches around. Beth is finishing up her final year of undergraduate study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Like her big sister, music will continue to ignite her learning and will most likely play a major part in Beth's vocation. Holly and Hannah are in the thick of their Higher exams. They will have one more year of high school and they too will be making ready for their next stage in further education. Fenella and I are delighted that our girls are applying themselves well in life however, our fingers are more often on the pulse of their growing in faith. Our prayer is that God continues to be gracious and steadily reveals Himself to each of them.

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